First Baptist Church
Lewisburg, PA

Christianity is more Doing than Doctrine


As a congregation we take seriously Christ’s example and try to live lives of service to others. We believe that a life of devotion and a life of service inform and support one another.

Our Focus

As an inclusive people, we come from a variety of backgrounds and we acknowledge that there are individual differences of conviction and theology among our members and through this diversity we are enriched.

Christian Education

First Baptist takes seriously its responsibility to provide Christian education for all ages. We believe that a major task of the Church is to pass on a reasoned, Christian faith to the upcoming generations. Associated with the Baptist concept of “Soul Freedom” comes the right and responsibility to deal with God directly and to study, discern and obey the Scriptures.To that end we offer age appropriate Christian education opportunities: two Children’s Sunday School classes (pre-k up through 3rd grade and 4th through 6th grade), Pastor’s class, and Adult Sunday School.


Discipleship is a central ministry of the First Baptist church in that it is the motivating force behind our other ministries and programs. We endeavor to create a culture of discipleship within our congregation, one that supports our members throughout their Christian journey.


We seek to provide experiences that:

    Nurture deeper relationships
     With Christ
        With Community

Leverage talents of our members
Identifying and developing gifts
and talents
    Provide opportunities for service to the community

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